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What People are saying about Plum Cottage Connecticut Estate Sales

We can’t say enough about the job Amy of Plum Cottage did for us. We have relocated to our new home in Charlotte, NC and Amy did an unbelievably professional job in pricing, staging and selling our furniture and many other items. Everything went, from the largest to smallest items. Not only did she conduct a highly professional and effective sale, but she coordinated many other details to make sure our house was ready for the new buyers, as we had left town several months before. My wife and I have had total peace of mind during the whole process and we highly recommend Plum Cottage.
Hal Rosser
New Canaan, CT
November 2018
A huge thank you to Amy Reehl and her Plum Cottage team. Amy and her team did a fabulous job of organizing and selling 30 years of family items allowing us to easily down size and move along to the next phase of our lives. “Easily” is the key word! Amy took total control of organizing, staging, advertising and selling our home items. Plum Cottage had huge crowds and helped arrange delivery making buying so easy for customers! Once the sale was complete her team swept in for a complete house cleaning making it ready for the new owners.

Amy spectacularly lifted the overwhelming burden of “what do I do with all this stuff” completely off my shoulders. Leaving your family home is emotionally hard but Amy’s professionalism, expertise, and can do attitude allowed us to enthusiastically move on to our next “phase”.

A huge thank you to Amy and her team! We were in great hands!
Mary & Peter O’Sullivan
New Canaan, CT
January 2019
The challenges of an Estate Sale are many….from figuring out what stays and what goes, to navigating the emotional journey that comes with the process. Amy was an experienced and well-informed pilot for our journey….and a delightful partner who was focused on ensuring the success of our event.

We would recommend Amy, and Plum Cottage, without hesitation if you are considering a sale.
Janet and Peter Lebovitz
New Canaan, CT
February 2019
Amy’s professionalism and work ethic made our estate sale extremely easy and successful! We would highly recommend Amy and her company.
Julio and Marisa Zamora
New Canaan, CT
February 2019
Downsizing to a townhouse is a challenge after 33 years in large antique homes with acreage in New Canaan. Few of our beloved furniture pieces were of the scale to fit into our much smaller townhouse. Amy Reehl came highly recommended, and she performed well beyond our high expectations.
Amy handled everything with precision and in the most sensitive manner. From the publicity to the pricing and the staging of our home, her responsive approach and professional demeanor earned our trust and complete confidence. She has an incredible and loyal following in our surrounding area; even on a cold and snowy March day parked cars lined the street and an amazing number of people arrived for the first day! The Plum Cottage crew did a wonderful job handling the buyers and keeping the staging fresh as items went out the door.

We joked that Amy sold everything, right down to the toilet paper off the wall! What few items were left after the formal sale, she continued to sell online. Charities took small remaining items and a dump run gave us a wonderful, clean house to deliver at closing!

​We recommend Amy Reehl without reservation. She won our total trust through her sensitivity, reliability and professional approach. Amy has earned and kept her reputation and performance at the highest level and serves her clientele well.
Carol and Dennis Taylor
New Canaan, CT
March 2019
As a customer of Plum Cottage, I can testify to the professional, friendly, polite and unfailingly honest attitude with which Amy conducts her sales
Kristan Mountain
New Canaan, CT
July 2019
We were in the process of buying our home when we met Amy and her staff. My husband and I were very impressed by Amy’s professionalism, tireless responsiveness and most of all her thoughtfulness. She managed to keep us in mind in the midst of a very busy sale.

Both Amy and her staff showed an understanding of what items might be in our best interest and the items that should remain with the house. Amy showed us a sensitivity that we greatly appreciated during what can be an otherwise stressful process. She managed all of this while keeping track of large sale with great precision!

We would whole heartedly recommend Amy and her staff to anyone who might need her skills, talents, and sensibilities during the transitional periods of life. We very much appreciated her efforts.
Kate and Chris Schwint
Wilton, CT
July 2019
We were shocked when we sold our beloved home in Connecticut in record time. Faced with a quick closing and the fact that we had already moved to another call to Amy was laced with panic and desperation....she came to our rescue with pragmatism, humor and a workable plan of how best to proceed.

She managed to get her team in place quickly and worked tirelessly to prepare our belongings to be sold. Readying your processions to be handled, judged and haggled over is a little disconcerting. Because Amy and her staff communicated willingly before, during and after the sale, our concerns were eliminated. We had a very successful estate sale and are happy that things we no longer needed have found new homes with Amy's clients.

We highly recommend Plum Cottage CT and Amy Reehl to any and everyone who wants to work with a respectful, kind, trustworthy and capable woman who knows her business!
Mary Shoemaker
New Canaan, CT
July 2019
I was referred to Plum Cottage by my realtor. We had only a three week window to sell the
contents of our home of 23 years. Amy and her team came to the rescue. They organized and itemized my entire home with lightning speed. Not only is her team professional and efficient, they made an overwhelming process for our family effortless.

We highly recommend Plum Cottage.
Paula & John Addeo
New Canaan, CT
August 2019
I recently did a home renovation and contacted Amy Reehl from Plum Cottage. I submitted photos of the items I wanted to sell for her review. Amy’s experience and knowledge of her clientele made the process a breeze by knowing what sells and most importantly how to price competitively in order to get the best price but not to price out of the market. Items were displayed attractively in order to draw the most visibility to my items. After the sale was completed, I received an itemized list and promptly paid. I have done a tag sale on my own and spent weeks trying to organize only to be overwhelmed with the task of pricing and traffic control during the sale. I would recommend Amy Reehl and Plum Cottage to get the highest price with the most traffic and exposure from advertising and a devoted following.
Miranda Hussar
New Canaan, CT
December 2019
Amy and her team from Plum Cottage were a joy to work with throughout the entire estate sale process...from the initial introduction, responsive communication and information about the process and expectations, to the pricing, sale, and after-sale follow through. They more than exceeded our expectations with their professionalism, expertise, and attention to every detail of the sale!
From the very beginning, Amy made us feel like we were in very competent, reliable hands, and we would highly recommend her and her team to anyone considering an estate sale!
Elise Mink
New Canaan, CT
December 2019
The time had finally come to move into the new home we had been building within town. With just weeks away from closing on our home of 23 years, I began to panic, not knowing how I was going to ‘get rid of’ the furniture and other items that weren’t going to our new, smaller place. The thought of how I could accomplish this in such a short time was more overwhelming than the build itself! But my worries were lifted the moment I connected with Amy from Plum Cottage. A good friend suggested I call Amy, and in just one visit, a plan was mapped out on how she would be able to help. She is so professional, knowledgeable, organized and highly considerate of her clients. She’s great in her communication and I always felt that the pricing of my items was on target. With a broad network of contacts and customers, Amy was even able to sell many of our pieces prior to the weekend sale – like our full, formal dining room set!

The peace of mind that came with knowing I was in such good hands was invaluable. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Amy and Plum Cottage!
Joy Corapi
New Canaan
March 2020
Amy, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for our estate sale. You were a real pro! Not once did I doubt what you were doing and how you handled every aspect of our sale. We just gave you the keys to our home in CT and moved to FL. You took care of the rest, which was such an incredible relief for us. I can’t stress enough how much I would recommend your service to other potential clients. You go above and beyond what I would have ever imagined and your team is of the highest professional standards. Please note, you did all of this for us as the health crisis was unfolding. I know this put an enormous amount of strain on the entire situation, You handled it with utmost grace and professionalism. Thank you.
Sallyan P.
Darien, CT
April, 2020
What a fantastic job Amy & Plum Cottage did handling the sale of our pieces during such a trying time! Amy is not only the consummate professional who is excellent at what she does, she is also a true pleasure to work with. Her beautiful and user-friendly website, along with extensive contact list, made the entire process seamless and a true success.
T. Ackerman
Rowayton, CT
April, 2020
Amy and her staff were true professionals for my family during a very difficult time in our lives. Not only were we dealing with an emotional situation of selling our family's possessions but during the COVID Pandemic. Everyone protected our family throughout the entire process. Amy was terrific to work with when we had questions or were confused about certain items. She was very empathetic and helped us through the estate process. Amy and her staff really went above and beyond organizing the house like a store and had a hugely successful sale for us. We would highly recommend Amy and her services to anyone who needs assistance with Estate sales or swing something very specific. Her marketing and contacts are excellent and produce results! Thank you to Amy and the team!
Amy Ross and Ashley Maloney
Darien, CT
May, 2020
Our estate sale could not have gone more smoothly! It was such a pleasure to work with Amy! She is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and most of all honest!
We can’t thank Amy and her team enough for all their hard work & dedication! There is nobody else who could have accomplished what Amy did in the short amount of time we had. Truly unbelievable!!!
We would work with Plum Cottage again in a heartbeat and would also highly recommend the company.
Enrico and Nicole Battisti
New Canaan, CT
August, 2020
Amy and her team are totally amazing!! If you are thinking of downsizing or having an estate sale- there is no one better out there. From the very start of the process, Amy is hands-on and an amazing, tireless hard worker. She dedicates all her time and energy to overseeing all aspects of the sale, and her professionalism is absolute. She is educated in pricing and works 24/7 to sell your items both online and via her website- before, during and even after the actual sale. I never realized how much work went into running an estate sale - and with Amy, you get everything you need and more. I have to admit I am someone who is not impressed by much. That said, I was blown away by Plum Cottage Estate Sales- and would never use anyone else. That's all there is to it!

Kristin Whitney-DeLeo
Darien, CT
October, 2020
Amy Reehl and her team did outstanding work for us. In our absence, we trusted her with our home and to assess most of the household items we had acquired over decades. She took wonderful pictures, displayed all the items on her website and conducted online as well as in-house sales to yield surprisingly good results. What she couldn’t sell she found charities to take. You can literally take what you want and leave the rest to Amy. Yes, leave the clothes in the closet and the garden tools in the garage, she takes the house full of the contents you leave and turns it into cash for you. Kind of incredible! Your biggest fear is you actually are not standing there and don’t what the items are sold for. You learn through the process, that Amy is there in your best interest. She is easy to trust. She is professional, kind, always cheerful and establishes credibility. Trusting her however is only part of it. In the end she delivered cash to us, which was beyond expectations.
Bill and April Jennings
New Canaan, CT
April, 2021
Punctual, professional and fun.

Amy will take charge and GET IT DONE.

Her team is efficient and they have the organizational skills only a librarian could fully appreciate. All the upfront work makes the sale days go smoothly both online and in person. And access to the Plum Cottage client base is key.

So, without any hesitation, we recommend you give Amy a call and get the ball rolling!!!
Alejandra and Patrick Conroy
New Canaan, CT
June, 2021
After selling our home in New Canaan, I realized we needed to significantly downsize our household possessions. I reached out to Amy Reehl at Plum Cottage and she took it from there! Amy makes you feel like you are the only person in the room and no question or concern is too small. She and her team were AMAZING - before, during and after the sale! She was incredibly transparent about the process and poured her heart and soul into making sure that everything was seamless (and made it look easy - which it certainly isn't!). There simply aren't enough words to describe how pleased we are that we had the opportunity to work with Amy and her team!

Tricia Oehmler
New Canaan, CT
July, 2021
Amy is fantastic. She worked really hard and made the sale a success. The process was smooth, she is a delight to work with, and all that contributed to a successful outcome.
Kara B.
Darien, CT
October, 2021
Amy and her staff were fantastic. Their energy, insight and wonderful attitude make a difficult process of an estate sale so much easier. They know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. They minimized the chaos and created a great outcome. The team's knowledge of pricing and staging was really very impressive. It was fun to laugh a little along the way! Anyone considering Plum Cottage Estate Sales should know they are in great hands.
Nansi & Colin W.
Darien, CT
February, 2022
We couldn’t be more pleased with our estate sale with Amy Reehl and her Plum Cottage associates. Amy and her team were high energy, extremely detail-oriented and hard working. Amy was able to sell the wide array of our home goods, from antique pieces to beach towels. She continued to work tirelessly, even after the on-site sale, to move final items. We highly recommend Amy!
Bill and Janice J.
Darien, CT
June, 2022
We had a fantastic experience working with Amy and her team to sell a huge amount of our belongings, from furniture and art to napkins and everything in between. She is extremely thorough and professional from start to finish, and a delight to deal with. She has deep experience that she brings to delivering the best possible outcome for every sale she runs, and ours was no exception. I honestly don’t thing anyone could have done a better job in orchestrating a such a big project. She gives it her all and is very responsive and honest with both her clients and her buyers. She is the best!!!
Mary Woods
October, 2022
I am very happy to write this very positive review of our experience with Amy Reehl’s Plum Cottage Estate Sales. Amy and her team made the process of emptying our home before the closing so much less painful than we thought it would be.

The money that the sale brought in was welcome and substantial, but equally valuable was the organization which Amy’s team brought to the process and the discipline which Amy imposed on us to make the experience smooth and orderly. When you have lived in a large house for a long time, you probably don’t appreciate how much “stuff” you have accumulated until you begin to go through drawers and closets, and that realization can be a bit overwhelming. Amy and her team bring years of experience in a way that is very comforting.
Ned and Louise Brooks
Rowayton, CT
December 2022
We recently decided to relocate to Arizona from Connecticut… big move after 30+ years in the same house! There’s a completely different furniture style out there, so we looked around to find the best options, and that’s when we thought of Amy and her team at The Plum Cottage. We still don’t think she knew what she was getting into, but, all said and done, we couldn’t have been happier with the set-up, sale, and completion. All was done impeccably well with an awesome attitude. Her crew always had a smile and were very respectful of our home.
If we were to ever do this again, I would certainly call Amy at Plum Cottage!
Lisa & Steve Gaeta
New Canaan, CT
May, 2023
When Amy and her team walked into our home, it was like the cavalry had come to save the day. A large house that has been lived in for 20 years holds many treasures. Unfortunately, they are often found in very dusty, odd long forgotten corners. Amy takes these pieces of the past, cleans, catalogs, and finds them a new home. She also gets you some cold, hard cash. She works tirelessly, happily, and efficiently, as does her entire team. We were thrilled from start to finish. She is a joy to work with and a steadying hand through a difficult process.
Maureen and Ed Schloss
Darien, CT
June 2023
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